Admission Bulletin for 2022 “Chinese Bridge” Program Online

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—— Chinese Time in BaShuIn order to enhance the domestic and foreign young people's understanding of the languages and cultures of both sides, and deepen the exchanges in language education between China and foreign countries, BaShu Secondary School is going to launch a “Chinese Bridge” program online which is free of charge.

General Information

1.Program Duration

January 17, 2022-January 23, 2022, Monday to Sunday

2.Online Teaching PlatformBaShu Secondary School Cloud Course Platform ——小鱼易连XYLink3.Course Content 

·Comprehensive Chinese

Comprehensive Chinese is based on the HSK Chinese Proficiency Test. Students will have a comprehensive and balanced improvement in the four aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing. At the same time, they will pay attention to the introduction and learning of traditional Chinese culture and modern China.Total class hours of language courses: 14 hours 

·Chinese Culture Session  

Selecting the most operable traditional activities in Chinese culture as themes, professional teachers will be invited to lead the students to learn and experience. At the same time, a background introduction will be provided in the course to improve students' understanding of Chinese culture and help them become familiar with knowledge including culture, folklore, environment, and literature. Total class hours of cultural courses: 4 hours 

·Lectures on "Contemporary China" 

This series of lectures focuses on the vigorous development of China from a contemporary perspective.With selected themes,we will invite professional teachers to lead students to pay attention to China's changes in a contemporary perspective,including the rich multi-ethnic culture, the image of China under the vision of “the Belt and Road”, the ever-changing city life and the colorful youth growth.Total class hours of lectures: 2 hours 

·Online Communication 

We will invite BaShu Secondary School students to communicate with online Chinese Bridge students, including but not limited to emails, letters, and online real-time interaction. Communication :1 hour* The above arrangements are tentative and subject to possible changes.


·Non-Chinese middle school students and college students;·Interested in Chinese and Chinese culture;·Able to communicate in English or Chinese;·Able to use online learning platform proficiently, and a smooth network connection is required.Beginners and elementary-level learners of Chinese language are welcome to apply.

Application Procedure

1.Click the link below or scan the QR code, fill in the registration information and submit,then you will receive a confirmation email.


2.After receiving the email, please scan the QR code below with WhatsApp to enter "Chinese bridge".Follow-up arrangements and notifications will be released in the group, please continue to pay attention to the news.


Application Duration

January 6, 2022-January 15, 2022 


  1. When filling in the application form, the registered email of Chinese Bridge website is needed. Please register in the Chinese Bridge website (//bridge.chinese.cn/online/camp) in advance.


2.Please download the teaching platform “小鱼易连XYLink” APP in advance and register for activation.·Website for APP download is: //www.xylink.com/download ·Register an accountChoose “verification code login”,enter the mobile phone number and click to send verification code.


Set the username as your passport name,then set the password.


3. Visa and accommodation related matters are not involved in this program. Therefore, relevant service or document is not provided.4.Students who finish the course as required will acquire an electronic certificate from BaShu Secondary School.


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